A Day in The Life of a Xerox Customer Support Representative

Have you ever wondered about the support people you speak to at our support centers?  Well we are going to take a look at a day in the life of a support person.  The men and women that take your calls and answer your questions on a daily basis are a diverse group that comes from many backgrounds.  Some are former technicians, former sales representatives, people with degrees in everything from teaching to engineering to business or people from a variety of professions that have found their way through the doors at Xerox.  Once selected to work at the support center the representative is put through training and given a variety of tools to help serve you better.  They have a knowledge base almost identical to the one available to you at Xerox.com/support.  They also have mentors and Subject Matter experts available to them.

At most support centers labs filled with machines are available to do testing of your individual problem.  So when the representative asks you about the environment you are working in they do not want to know the color of the walls in your office, they want to know the type of network you are using, the operating system, the version of the driver and a number of other specifics so that they can try to duplicate your situation as closely as possible.

These customer support professionals are in many ways like a good detective, gathering all the facts and questioning all the usual suspects trying to find the offender that is causing your problem.  They are dedicated to finding you the correct and most compatible resolution to your issue.

The representatives are also incredibly resourceful, they take the information given to them and using their knowledge, process the situation and get to the root cause  all while working in a cubicle jungle surrounded by many other people doing the same thing.  There is a constant buzz of voices in these centers as the representatives take call after call from customers just like you.   We expect a lot from these people, they need to be patient, good listeners, know their resources, know their products, understand all the processes and be able to communicate with customers that range from happy and pleasant to grumpy and frustrated.  We ask that they empathize with your situation and manage the call in a timely manner.  It is a complicated job and they do it well.

Now let’s look at their day step by step:  they wake up ready to meet the day, deal with family and home and then drive through all kinds of traffic to get to the office.  They grab breakfast or a cup of coffee and then make their way through the maze to their cubicle.  There they sign on to the phone and log on to several tools that they will use on their computer.  They may have as many as 5 or more windows open on their PC at any one-time to take your call.  They put themselves in “Available” on the phone system and the calls begin.  They answer the call, get all your information and begin solving the puzzle that is your issue, they must document the call so that if we need to look back or follow up all the information is there.  They then answer your question, fix your problem, place your service call, order your part or escalate your problem.  The representative then closes out your call and repeats the process all over again with the next caller.  This process happens dozens of times a day for each and every representative.  It is a difficult job at times, but when you get that document to print, that machine to clear a fault code or that e-mail to send there is a sense of accomplishment that makes it all worthwhile.

As the customer we ask that when you come to us for assistance that you be patient with us and answer our questions to the best of your ability.  Be assured that the answers to the questions are necessary to help you find your answer or resolve your issue.  Our goal is to get you the best and most complete answer on the first call.  We also strive to make the process of calling us as pleasant as possible.  We want you to get the most out of your Xerox product and we hope that you will visit our website to find the answers you need and if you can not find your answer there or need clarification do not hesitate to call us, we have a room full of people just waiting to talk with you.  To find all the information you need to contact us please click here.  And remember you may be able to find your answer with just a few clicks at Xerox.com/support We look forward to hearing from you and though we hope that you never need us, be assured that if you do we will be here to help you with any issue you may have.  Your satisfaction with our products is our goal.

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ken Mears and Office Automation , Innovative Document . Innovative Document said: RT @AtYourService A Day in The Life of a Xerox Customer Support Representative http://bit.ly/ckVXde Such a cool blog topic! Love it! 🙂 […]

  2. Alysa July 27, 2010 - Reply

    Hi! I love this blog, I love how it seems to get the goal of what we do. I’m a technical support representative for Xerox located here in the Philippines and it realy is hard to deal with customers at times, especially when they are irate.

    Given that, I am also ecstatic whenever I get to solve a customer’s problem. It’s like being fulfilled because that’s why i’m here for. It’s really fun talking to customer’s who are willing to troubleshoot, not only does it reduce the down time of their machine, it also makes us happy! 🙂

    • Cheryl Otstott July 27, 2010 - Reply

      Hi Alysa,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate you reading the blog and thanks for all you do for our customers!! I was on the phone in customer support for years so I know just how challenging and rewarding the job can be. Keep up the good work and thanks again for reading the blog!

  3. Andrea September 1, 2010 - Reply

    Hi I really love this blog,it really good to know that our effert is noticed and that we are appreciated for what we do.This will certainly strengthen me to continue to do the best I can for our customer.

    • Cheryl Otstott September 1, 2010 - Reply

      Andrea thanks for reading the blog and please try to always remember your hard work and dedication is appreciated!!!

  4. mitz November 12, 2012 - Reply

    It is overwhelming that we, as CSR’s are given credit to what we do.

    A blog such as this gives us further motivation to walk an extra mile for the company and the customers. This has been posted a long time ago, but the message it conveys still lives. Having said this, I am looking forward for more fruitful years with the customers but most of all, with Xerox.

    • Cheryl Otstott November 12, 2012 - Reply

      Hi Mitz,
      Thank you for reading the At Your Service blog. We know that our CSRs are very important to our customer support goals. Thank you for all that you do and I hope you continue to enjoy working with our customers and with Xerox.

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