Super Bowl XLIV: Are you Ready for some Printing?

Xerox is ready, the team is suited up and ready to go.  We will provide all the print services for Super Bowl XLIV.  This is the 14th consecutive year Xerox has handled the Super Bowl printing.  Printing and copying services are set-up in three Xerox centers in the Stadium on game day.  Everything from the Inactive players list to the Stats and even quotes from the players and staff of the teams are created before, during and after the game.  Stats are delivered to the approximately 3500 registered press people from around the world after each quarter of the game.  At the end of the night, final hard copy books and CDs containing searchable PDF files of all the statistics and quotes from the players and staff will be delivered.  Our team will go into overtime until the job is done.

Speaking of the Super Bowl we cannot forget the commercials!!  I am sure there will be some good ones but a classic which was named the 3rd best Super Bowl commercial of all time last year by Sports Illustrated  is the 1977 Brother Dominic commercial for the Xerox 9200 copier.  The commercial stars the late Jack Eagle as Brother Dominic and has received many awards during the campaigns run.

Enjoy the game and the commercials and remember all those statistics you read or hear after the game probably came from a page or CD provided by Xerox!!!

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