Languages and the Xerox Customer Support Community Forum

Bildqualität,  Qualité d’image, Qualidade da imagem.  Not sure what I said?  It is image quality in German, French and Portuguese, respectively.  If you were on the Xerox Customer Support Community Forum you could easily translate those terms to a language you prefer.  The Forum now has the Google Translation feature available for our international and foreign language users.

The Google Translate button is located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You can translate the entire page to the language you want to see.  The use of the Google Translate feature can help you find what you need to resolve issues with your Xerox printers and multifunction devices in the language you prefer or feel more comfortable using.  Just another way we are trying to enhance support to get the answers closer to you, the end user.

Posts should always be posted in English but now you can translate the Forum into many different languages so that you can search and find the information you need.

So why must you post in English only?  The forum is used predominantly by English speakers.  The administrators and moderators of the forum are primarily English speaking and the forum is available on the North American website.  Please post in English but remember you now have the flexibility to translate the entire Forum into the language you want and it only takes seconds or less!!

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